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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2013 3:00am-3:30am PST

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test, test, test >> good afternoon welcome to the board of supervisors meeting at february 5, 2013. >> (calling roll).
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mr. president, all members are present >> ladies and gentlemen, could you please join is in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag into the united states of america and to the republic for which it that stands. >> items number 9 these items are considered are you of a member objects a member can say
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so. >> we'll take up items one thousand 9. >> supervisor kim. >> kim i. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor i. supervisor breed >> breed i. there are level is >> the ordinances are final passed. and we need a special-order on the moscone center >> item 13 is a ordinance from a grant for a promise associated with earlier identifies for hesitant itself b.
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>> colleagues this reduction is adopted. >> next is the ordnance for a grant in the amount of 20 thousand plus. >> same house same call. item 15 to get accepted a grant from the parks and recreation in the amount of 5.5 million >> this item a adapted. >> item 16 is the acceptance for a randy dale renovation
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project. >> item 17 is an ordinance to require all public works pay subcontractors within 7 days from the city. >> this ordinance is passed. item 18 >> this is a budget item for the housing authority as a priority. >> this motion is approved. colleagues let's skip over this next item and call roll >> thank you madam clerk today, i am happy to introduce with our mayor and supervisor scott wiener and we're going to talk about earthquakes.
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today would include soft buildings. in 2010 as some of you will remember i want to thank all of you who supported the earthquake and provision structure. this is to prepare for the big one. a lot of buildings were destroyed and the next one is expected to be more than 3 times the size of the average quake >> the most vulnerable 3 stories buildings will be renovated. i want to take a moment and
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thank the worker safrt group as well as the banging community that make the financial loans available. in the coming most there will be a separate bill coming up. wile we are asking tour owners to tackle this big project i look forward to working with the mayor and other. i want to take a moment to recognize 3 other supervisors >> mr. president, we're fast forwarding to supervisor farrell, supervisor kim. okay >> thank you madam clerk today, i'm calling for a special
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hearing for storm presentness. we're looking forward to working with the public utilities commission on our cities preparedness as you remember there was a storm that occurred and the out flow brew off a manhole cover and sent sewage water onto the beach and it went through 3 feet of sand and it resulted in bacteria leveled levels into the ocean. it resulted from heavy rain combined with other waters in the neighboring streets. as the reality of climate change it make sense to - that our city
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a taking care of of this. this winter symptom we will be prepared to meet the changes of the coming years. as i member of the air pollution board we've been looking at data on earthquake preparedness and also there maybe storms hitting other parts of the country with the same issues. i'm looking forward to working with the pb c on this. and a little bit later today, we'll be honoring our district school and i want to thank the
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reality hardworking teachers and site administrator for their 70 years of keeping your children save and closing the opportunity gap for many children over the many years. i'll be celebrating with them on friday and i urge you all to join us. >> thank you supervisor. >> thank you madam clerk i want to associate myself with president change of venues remarks. i want to stress with a significant step this has been. we've been talking about
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addressed the soft buildings and we know this is a top priority. in terms of actually making these soft stories a reality we've relied on others things that have not think successful. this legislation will set us on the path protecting the buildings and the resident who live in those buildings because we will be in a world of hurt if we have a significant earthquake and a significant number of these buildings are damaged or collapsed. it says a lot about the relationship of this board and the mayor.
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whether it's creating a affordable house fund or go passing bonds a lot of things we've talked about for years that have not happened and are now happening. it's very exciting. i look forward to moving this legislation forward. in addition to that i'm addressing another issue to talk about the efforts and strategies to reduce unnecessary stuff on our situation. our situations are the most important spaces it's important to have a free flow of pedestrians on that sidewalk. our sidewalks are clustered with
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a lot of news racks. the new mini bus shelter take up so much of our sidewalks it's hard for pedestrians to walk around them. i think it's a good time to take a step back and perhaps reduces the number of objects on our sidewalks >> see how much space they're taking up. and let's take a look at some the other things on the situation like chairs. >> thank you supervisor wiener
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and supervisor weighing? >> thank you madam clerk just a few items for introduction. first, i'm introducing two reductions urging the board to take care of firearm resolution. the firearm resolution is part of a national movement trying to control guns at the national level. we need to show support after all over the country including our city and countys. and it mansion that we remove the extra fund that were set aside for firearms >> especially, after what's happened in newtown connecticut
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we have to push while the fire is hot and keep the mood going. actually build the pressure. the other thing is we have about a billion there's in fossil file companies. we're making investments in those companies and we're not using our investments in a wise way. i think it mansion we divest from those companies and put our money in classes where we can make real change. so those are urging - those
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issues are important and it make sense we have a good dialog about it. the other i item i have is a hearing request and it's from supervisor wiener. last night we were urged to look at the mandates of training for lgb q youth. it was a law passed years ago about how lgb q effects the youth in the memory programs. and now we understand their noting taking care of the youth
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how they're to be trained and to be sure we understand about this issue which sexual orientation. so our hearing is geared to how the city is meeting this goal and how we can meet our 12 end arrangements >> thank you supervisor coming possess. >> thank you very much good afternoon everyone. thank you for joining us today, i want to bring to our attention that february 4th was the 1 hundred birthday of rosa parks. and i think we will be voting on a reduction today to recognize
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rosa parks. the other thing i want to speak today, i am the board representative for the retirement system when is dedicated to the trust act as well as distributing benefits. i want to shed some light on this process. first it is the policy it's a long-standing policy of this board to engage within a company and our ability to use our proxy to appeal to their human night and second to promote social rights and interests and third
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being investment restrictions and that's the selling off of our assets. we do have a policy from south african doing investments also in ireland. so i want to let supervisor to let you know on the requirement board we're going to be working together. and last month we made a request to adopt president obamas policy
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on how we're investing our money on firearms. it looks like the board is on the same track of thinking as the members of this chamber. thank you very much for your time >> mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster that concludes the call. >> i want to ask if you'd like to go to accommodations right now. >> now is the opportunity for supervisors to present honors and recommendations to members of public or those of their choice. >> thank you president chiu. let me start by saying there's some incredible administrators and site administrators and
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accident chief of the education department and i'd like to ask in chief and other supervisors (naming names) please come forward as we honor our department on the 75th anniversa anniversary. thank you so much for being here. today, i'm asking all my colleagues on the board in recognizing the education department open it's 75th anniversary. in the past 70 decades we've provided education opportunity for thousand or so of youth and this closing the gap for a lot
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of children's education. now we have over 10 education sites in our school district including students and kindergartner schools. my daughter was at the top and other student were at the top in my district so i know the staff does a great job >> san francisco unified is one of the largest providers in southern california and one of the providers in the state that invests in preschool education. and many educational study aids supervisor norman yee knows that qualify school programs supports our children's social and
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emotional development. they add to social justice throughout our community as well. we also want to declare this coming friday the date we'll be celebrating at a cafe with some people and february 9th will be declared if we vote on it it today. at this moment i'd like to invite our education people to say a few words >> thank you and thank you supervisors and everyone else. we're very honored that you took
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the time and i want to give a special thanks to supervisor yee. he helped me to see the work. but i want to look at the individuals who have been here during the history of watching this department to going from the earlier stages of school readiness which we know encompasses so many skills. and i the to honor those people (calling names). those all have been with the program thirty years. i'm new and i'm hourpd.
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just besides having an amazing department we've received a lot of help from the city and we look forward to 70 more years of amazing work >> i want to ask supervisor yee if he has anything to say. >> i would love to. first of all, i want to thank supervisor march for bringing this to the city. a lot of times people don't realize the great programs we have. and as your proclamation points out it was started basically
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because mother's have to go to work during the war and this is the first time that childcare was an issue. and many of the programs that started 70 years ago are not around any more. eventually we got state funding to support it further. i'm honored to see the transition of that program and for the longest, long time time to have the education program involved with the district. if i look at the school districts website the only school district is that actually says prek to


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